This project consisted of 14 ½ miles of road Right-of-Way, aerial photography, topographic surveying, cadastral surveying and the writing of the proposed Right-of-Way descriptions over three separate ownerships within the 14 ½ mile length.  This project consisted of coordinating with Kenney Aerial and the prime consultant (Paiki of Kentucky) to establish the aerial control panels over the entire length of the project to develop a TIN and contours as well as an orthophoto for design purposes of the proposed Project.


As part of this project, Northland surveyed all of the sectional corners within the three townships that the road would cross through for the purpose of developing the Right-of-Way plans and legal descriptions.  Although there were not existing utilities within the project, there were highway and other road improvements which needed to be surveyed to make sure the proposed road would match both vertically and Horizontally.


Static and RTK GPS as well as robotic total stations and conventional survey methods were incorporated in this project to obtain all of the data necessary for the completion of the TIN.


Northland and Kenney were able to coordinate our separate scopes of work to be able to conduct our individual tasks simultaneously and thereby finish our portions of this project well within the time frame contracted.


The aerial control panel portion of this project took approximately 6 months to complete at an approximate cost of $56,000.